About Us


Investigating problems and crafting solutions.

Finding global warming solutions. Extreme weather events lead to loss of life and billions of dollars in economic damage. What’s more, scientists predict that global warming could increase the frequency of such events in the future. Our new report, "Global Warming and Extreme Weather," shined a light on what could become "the new normal," if we fail to avert the worst effects of global warming.


Educating the public and making our voices heard.

Restoring the Chesapeake Bay. After months of campaigning, we helped persuade Gov. Bob McDonnell to compose a strong plan to restore the Chesapeake Bay. The plan, which addresses pollution from development and agribusiness, will help shrink the dead zone that consumes one-third of the Bay’s waters each summer. Our staff and activists issued reports, held town hall meetings, and generated more than 14,000 comments asking the EPA to set limits on pollution entering the Bay.